This year the Downtown Hollywood Dream car show has taken a massive hit from covid-19. I think this is something we have all felt all across the board in 2020. We here at Bumerangtur are saddened by this and look forward to a hopeful year of the Dream car show in downtown Hollywood Florida returning for the year 2021.

Some of the cars that we saw in years past 1960 Ford Thunderbird Pick-up. I fell in love with this car show that happened every month for years when my boss from Plumbers of Hollywood from Plumber Hollywood Florida would take me to these car shows. Thats the whole reason this car blog started. The ingenuity and innovation of cars excites me. It is truly a fascination and wonderful passion of mine. Which is why I am hoping it comes back this year.

Ive spoken to some at cobra joe productions and asked around and I wasn’t allowed to say much on this blog about it, but I sure as hell can’t wait for it to come back. Every first Sunday of each month I’d be in pure ecstasy like a kid at Disneyland.

I started working on my own hot rod because I felt so inspired and moved by all the cars I would see at the downtown Hollywood Florida Dream Car Show. If you have never been to this amazing car show, traveling to Hollywood Florida, is so worth it. Even if you’re from another part of the world you should be here.

Hearing the roar of those engines my wife tells me is a bit titillating. The smooth custom paint jobs the soft leather interiors and the atmosphere of pride and joy all make for an incredible experience at the downtown Hollywood Dream Car Show. Especially with all the nearby restaurants. Send as an email if you’re planning to come and let’s hang out.

Downtown Hollywood Car Show