At the moment it was founded, Tesla Motors used to produce cars very slowly, it was considered difficult to get one, nowadays Tesla production has started to increase considerably, making people aware and more interested in getting one of their cars. If you are one of those that is interested in investing in a Tesla car, there is a series of things you should consider before buying it

First, if you are going to ask for advice to people that you know, try to be sure that they are Tesla owners, only someone with experience in the field can give you the best recommendations. You will be able to drive long distances with no issue, with a Tesla car you should be able to double the amount of miles you used to drive before with no problem. You will be able to charge your Tesla car at home if you own a personal charger, hence, you will avoid the long lines at gas stations. You will feel relaxed as you would wake up to a totally charged car. Being able to charge your Tesla is quite convenient in this matter because it basically means that the “gas station” is at home, and to fill your tank it only takes to arrive at home. You would need to hire a professional technician in order to install an electricity adapter at home before the car even arrives, it is important to stand out that charging at 110v can be very slow, with the adapter you will be able to charge your Tesla relatively faster. It is necessary to take into consideration that public electric chargers are not as common as gas stations so, before buying a Tesla you need to take into consideration the environment around you, is it easy for you to be able to charge your Tesla around the area where you live or commonly drive around. In case you do not, it is better to have a charger at home, but it is important to be aware of that information. Tesla cars are not considered the best cars when it comes to built quality or even interior quality, but what it lacks in those areas, is made up in other areas such as technology, power and acceleration Something important to consider is that if true that your bills in oil fuel will disappear, having a Tesla will make your electricity bills go up as well, even though it is not as expensive as the oil fuel bills used to be unless you are used to drive very long distances daily. It is necessary to get used to the supercharging routing algorithms. Sometimes it will tell you, for example, during a long drive, to get back to the point where you started in order to charge or it also might suggest you skip some charging spots, it is preferred not to skip these spots in order to be cautious. It is indispensable to carry the mobile charger with you anytime you take long trips away from home. It is not mandatory to buy one specifically to carry it on the car, but still, some people do it Charge indicators in a Tesla are more precise than common fuel gauges. Even though Tesla Road Side Assistance is quite helpful at moments when we face issues while we are on the road, it does not cover running out of charge. Since charging our Tesla is our responsibility and not an issue to be fixed. It would come in handy if you learn how to read power estimate graphs correctly. These graphs tend to be very accurate, mostly for those who do not tend to be fast drivers; if you surpass 80MPH, you might as well, spend a lot of energy but it would usually not translate as a huge issue. However, while driving long distances it is advisable to use the cruise control in order to control the speed of your Tesla. Despite the steady growth of the supercharging network, it is better to sign up to PlugShare in case you want to do a long road trip. PlugShare is an app and online tool that allows you to find the location of EV charging stations across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. A lot of those places will let you use chargers for free. It takes some time to get used to the regenerative braking of a Tesla, it has a very violent nature. Regenerative braking, for those who haven´t owned an electric car before, consists of converting the kinetic energy that was generated by braking into stored energy in the car´s battery, basically it means to restore the energy used in braking in order to use it again later for the same purpose. You need to take into consideration that not every supercharge station is located at a nice place. Some stations are better situated than others. Wheels need to be rotated on a regular basis, but the service center will do it for you anytime you take the Tesla car over there for a warranty item. Tesla batteries do not necessarily need you to charge them up to 100% if you are not going to drive long distances, the battery needs to be between 20% and 80%

In conclusion, a Tesla car is a perfect car in case you really want to help in the fight against pollution and climate change, it helps you to save money in gas stations and it is very practical since you can charge it at home instead of doing annoying lines at those stations full of smoke. It does become problematic when you are too far away from home as the supercharging stations are still in growth process and you cannot control those factors, but as long as you have the mobile charger with you, the chances of running out charge decrease, also owning a Tesla means you need to be aware of the speed of the car, you should not lose control of the speed because it might cause you to spend more energy than usual.

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What to consider before buying a Tesla